Active Campaign Bootcamp 101:


Week 1: Adding Contacts & Lists, Tags

During week 1 we’ll talk about the basics of Active Campaign. We’ll go over the dashboard and explain what information you can learn about your processes with a few simple clicks. We’ll also talk about why email marketing is important, how to manually add contacts to your list, and how to create tags.


Week 2: Creating a Campaign

During week 2, we’ll talk about how to create an email marketing campaign. We’ll discuss mobilization of the graphics, padding, margins, adding images, headlines & pre-header text and how to test your emails. We’ll also talk about how to see the open and click rates on your campaigns and what percentages you need to aim for.


Week 3: Building Automations

Email campaigns are one of the best ways to increase your membership through an effective sales funnel. But, you should always have to be the one doing the work. For that reason, we’ll teach you how to build a basic set of autoresponders. We’ll also talk about what sorts of autoresponders drive the best engagement and how to use the goals feature.


Week 4: Advanced Automations & Forms

In week 4, we’ll discuss automations that can be used for engagement targeting and how you can use triggered automations to send emails with a specific Call to Action. We’ll talk specifically about: Engagement targeting, Buddy pass emails, Reminder emails and Social media follow requests. We’ll also talk about how to use forms and when Active Campaign forms should be used over other types of website-integrated forms.


BONUS Week 5: Marketing Ninja

This bonus week is for anyone who has gone through the course pretty easily. If you have some techie skills, and you’re hungry for a bit more advanced course, this week is the week for you. 


  • Build automations so your members can’t get your prospect emails offering deals on new trial memberships
  • List clean up
  • Learn how to get more opens almost immediately
  • Emojis
  • Personalization
  • Learn how to increase your deliverability rates
  • Sending from a vanity email
  • Getting people to open and engage
  • Avoid anything that looks Spammy